Harry Potter Ending

OK, I haven't read a word of any of the first books, so why would I have the ending? So if you came here via search engine, hit your back button and try somewhere else. I decided to post this right around midnight to see if I would get any additional internet hits by hard-core fans. I find it fascinating as many websites the past few days have been trying to increase web traffic by claiming they knew the ending. This LA Times article attests that these sites with spoiler pages were rarely Harry Potter fans; rather, they were from money grubbing web geeks trying to drive-up their ad revenues. So why would someone want to ruin the ending? For cash, of course. Sneaky. It should be noted that I get no ad revenue here at Beit Carr [but we'll always accept donations].

I've never seen a frenzy like this in my life. It's amazing that in a technological age that a printed piece of literature is causing this much excitement.

UPDATE: By noon on Saturday, almost 50 different people came here from a search engine by searching "Harry Potter Ending.'