Paris In Captivity

A quick search of my Wordpress archives showed that I've only written the words "Paris Hilton" once and that was in a post pleading for people to stop consuming these non-newsworthy news items. But seeing as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and heck, even the Cincinnati Enquirer all list her re-incarceration as the top news story of the afternoon, I thought I should chime in about the situation. What good is nailing her prosecuting her to the fullest extent of the law helping the general public? I'm pretty sure that all the controversy surrounding this trial/incarceration has cost tax payers much more than Paris' punishment is worth. Do you actually think that Paris will spend any prison time among the general population? Doubtful. It's just too much cost for not enough return, especially considering that Los Angeles is notorious for releasing non-violent criminals from prison without serving their full terms.

Look, I'm not saying that she doesn't deserve to be punished, but all this is doing is creating a media frenzy and, additionally, perpetuating Paris' unearned fame. You know Mark Burnett already has the reality series drawn up for Spring 2008: Celebrity Big-House with your host Paris Hilton. It would have to be on Fox.

Actually, house confinement would've been a perfect solution. They could've extended it to make up for the comforts of home. But now we'll have to endure a month and a half of updates about this crap. Thanks, LA.

May I never have to type "Paris Hilton" again.