Yikes [Apologetically Speaking]

If you haven't already, set the DVR to Wednesday's edition of ABC 's Nightline for the great atheist debate . There is already some leaked footage out on the interwebs [here and here] and it does not look good at all for our side. I'm not sure how ABC will edit it, but it from what I've seen, it looks brutal. Pray for a video malfunction that destroys the footage. Or if you have a time machine, now would be the time to go back a few days and stop this thing from taking place. You know the adage, "never take a knife to a gun fight"? Ray and Kirk were certainly not packing. And they had butter knives. Plastic butter knives. With butter still on them.

If anything, maybe this will be a good thing for evangelical Christianity in the western world. It could be a watershed moment when we finally realize that the rest of the world won't let us get away with surface scientific knowledge and hollow metaphors.

I know I'm coming off as extremely critical, but it was rather arrogant of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron to think they could walk into this debate with pretty little arguments that work on inebriated folk enamored by a television camera and convince  them that God is real. It's just not that easy.

Welcome to the revolution, guys. These people don't play nice. Either you have to go into these things with double-barrels-a-blazin', with a solid philosophical/epistemological background, or don't bother showing up to the O.K. Corral.

I'll be watching tomorrow night. But I'll probably be embarrassed.