Get Your Geek On

Now for something cool that you might not care about: they've discovered the tomb of Herod the Great. This is the Herod who ruled when Jesus was born, the same lunatic who ordered the massacre of the innocents in Bethlehem in about 4BC [wrap your mind around the wonderful dating: Jesus was actually born four years before he was thought to be born]. As we've been studying the book of Matthew at Echo, I actually taught an entire message about Herod [audio here].

As bad as Herod comes off in the Biblical narrative, he looks even worse in other sources. Herod was paranoid, to the extent that he had both his favorite wife and son killed, prompting the Roman Emperor to remark, "better to be Herod's pig than his son." He also wanted all of his officials to commit suicide upon his death; nobody followed through. Herod was buried in the Herodian, a massive mountain-like structure a few miles away from Bethlehem. It was here that archaeologists finally found his resting place. But, since Herod was so hated, it appears that the grave was desecrated shortly after his death.

Of course, this discovery doesn't prove that the Christian faith is true, but it does continue to reaffirm the historical validity of Scripture. I take certain delight in the way people unfamiliar with the Bible quickly dismiss it as fake or unimpressive. The Bible continually goes out on a limb by citing historical events and locations; and these facts are continually proven to be legitimate. When deciphering the meaning of life, it's difficult to ignore the Bible.

Oh, and Herod's still dead. But Jesus is alive.