Let's Play Two

Well, maybe just one more thought on First Pitch-gate. Mayor Mallory was attempting to save some face on Jimmy Kimmel's show tonight. Kelly and I ended staying up to watch it. Had to see if he could redeem the reputation of Cincinnati. I will give it up to him: he has no problem with self-effacement. Kimmel dropped a great line on him. He suggested, "maybe you're not right handed."

So they gave him a second shot at making the pitch. They supplied the audience with batting helmets for their own protection. Kurt Russell was on the show pimping Grindhouse, so he caught for Mayor. On the delivery, the ball sailed wide right. Yikes.

He asked for another chance and this time it was a one-hopper over the plate. Finally, a sense of vindication. Still not sure all the publicity is a good thing, but at least he's running with it.

I'll try to post a video link tomorrow to the spoof attack ad they made against the Mayor. It ended with "Cincinnatians want a pitcher, not a belly itcher."

Additional Unrelated Thoughts:

  • Elliott Yamin, one of the old American Idol losers sang afterwards. Not quite sure who wants to buy that album.
  • As I'm wrapping this up, Inside Edition is on. They were covering the release of the British soldiers from Iranian captivity and felt the need to interview a Fox News reporter about what it was like to watch the release unfold on television. Just to clarify: they interviewed someone about what they saw on TV. Our society is in trouble.