Still Alive?

Yes, just enjoying a brief respite. Working out of the house is awesome except that it's difficult to really take a break. Our Vegas trip last January was relaxing but that was immediately followed by Kelly's hospitalization, Kaelyn's birth and my Hepatitis. Since then it seems like we've been going non-stop; I've been drooling over the prospects of this week for months. We always like to take off the week between Christmas and New Year's and the death of my grandfather added to the need for this break. Now that it's finally here, we've been living it up.

Tuesday we didn't leave the house and took down the Christmas decorations. Yesterday we left the house only to buy groceries. In that time we watched all of seasons one and two of The Office on DVD. It's feels great to do nothing but watch TV and do some reading.

And since the demise of the Bengals I've been on a self-imposed sports fast. I never realized how much I watch ESPN.

So not much to report here, hence, my blogging absence. I do, however, have some stuff I'm stoked about unleashing in the new year.

Start your countdown now.