Enjoy Your Day

I've been rather silent since the passing of my grandfather. I was incredibly busy and stressed, but we all made it through. I'm sure I'll write up a few thoughts about it later this week. As a Christian, Christmas doesn't mean all that much to me. Of course it's great to celebrate an event in the life of Jesus, but why don't we bring the same kind of passion to Easter [pun intended]? Regardless, it's a still a unique, fun time of the year. Good food, good carols, and the opportunity to see practically everyone in your family. We had a great time in Lexington and will head over to my parents this afternoon.

I guess this year was supposed to be different now that we have the little girl, but it seems pretty normal. She's still way too young to comprehend the difference and she's suffering through a cold [which hasn't damped her chipper attitude]. And even though Kaelyn doesn't fully appreciate it, all the family have loved seeing her struggle to open up her gifts. I'm sure she'll be much more into it next year.

So I hope you're enjoying your holiday. Blessings.