Are You Kidding?

Talking baseball. I know you're not interested but check this out: With three games to go, the Reds are 2.5 games out, the Astros are .5 games out. One series left in the season. The Cards host a decent Brewers team, having to face a couple of tough starters. The Astros visit the Braves, having to face Smoltz on Sunday. The Reds visit a Pittsburgh club nursing a seven game losing streak.

AND, the Cards still have a game that needs to be made up against the Giants if it affects the outcome of the division.

The possibilities are mind-blowing. One team could be the clear winner or there could be a three way tie. AND there's even the possibility that a division champ wouldn't be crowned until Wednesday, three days after the end of the regular season.

If the Reds could somehow sweep the Pirates, I really think this could get interesting. But the Buccs can't lose 10 straight to end the season, can they? Then there's still Houston. BUT the Astros have won 9 straight. They can't win 12 straight to end the season, can they? Of course there's still St Louis. BUT the Cards have gone mental. They can't blow an 8.5 game lead in two weeks, can they?


AND, in a related note, Pedro Martinez is out for the season so the Mets starting pitching is even more suspect. The National League is up for grabs.

AND, my fantasy team is in the championship, behind 50 points headed into the weekend [just thought I'd add that].

I never imagined I'd actually be watching baseball scores this weekend. In 1999, the Reds had a play-off berth wrapped up and tanked. Could this year be the opposite?

Finally, just had to wrap this up with a little glance at how ESPN predicted the Central would turn out this year: At least the Reds did a little better than the cellar this season.