Something's Rotten

Busy the past few days, but I have a lot of stuff I'll need to catch up on soon. But I have to say this whole Terrell Owens non-suicide experience has been puzzling. I don't believe T.O. tried to kill himself but do believe he had an adverse reaction to taking painkillers with his supplements. That being said, I find the following disturbing:

1) That T.O. only mentioned an allergic reaction to the drugs as an afterthought, as if it wasn't a big deal to be rushed to the emergency room in an incoherent state.

2) That his publicist either a) overreacted or b) was hysterical over the incident and refused to admit so during her portion of yesterday's press conference. Again, she played it off as if it was no big deal, but the 911 transcripts show that she was beside herself in worry and believed that he had tried to kill himself.

3) That TO should consider firing his publicist if for no other reason that she stated that he had "25 million reasons to live" meaning the amount of his contract with the Cowboys. Absolutely absurd statement. So is she saying that the main reason T.O. has not to kill himself is his huge salary? By fully playing out that statement, wouldn't one assume that if you don't make an excessive salary you have no reason to live?

And you wonder why Bill Parcells is sick of answering T.O. questions.