LiveBlogging VMA's [Part Two]

Things are getting started . . .

  • HOVA!!!: IN THE HOUSE . . . hey, where'd you go? I thought this would be awesome.
  • Falling Star?: No, just Justin Timberlake. Sorry, man, the run's over.
  • Jack Black: is awesome. 'Nuff said.
  • The production of the show: horrible. You think they could do better.
  • The Rock: looks like he's lost some weight. I liked him better 'raslin'.
  • Observation 1: I'm not a rap hater, but it's never as good live either.
  • Jessica Simpson: looking too desperate. At least Nick looks classy. Leaving him was dumb.
  • All American Rejects: Nice sound. I dig it.
  • Madonna: 1) Had no idea she had an album out 2) Her video is absolutely embarrassing 3) the fact that MTV "nominated" her video for so many awards show that they're losing touch with their demographic.
  • Pink: have to give her props. She fearless rips on the airheadedness of all these fake chicks. Her "Stupid Girl" could be the most important message MTV conveys tonight.

One hour left and I'm debating whether or not to keep watching. It's painfully boring. We'll see if I post anything else.