LiveBlogging VMA's [Part One]

Kelly and I catch most of the major awards shows. I don't really care for is the Emmy's to say nothing of the Tony's [but I'm not even sure they still have those]. Anyway, the MTV shows are always helpful in keeping up on what's happening in popular culture. Turning thirty means I have to try a little harder to figure out what's rad, so I'll be taking some notes throughout the night. Please enjoy. Pre-show

  • Fergie of Black Eyed Peas: opens up with her new single. Is the "London Bridge" reference a mixed metaphor? She's come such a long way since Kids Incorporated. Did you know Jennifer Love Hewitt and AC Slater were both on that show?
  • Shakira: wearing more clothes than she ever has in her life. Maybe she's turning Amish.
  • TI: in attendance. Wear your kevlar vests, friends.
  • My Chemical Romance: sound better when not live.
  • MTV News' John Norris [aka Chuck's Little Brother]: still employed? His dad must own the station. At least Kurt Loder seems credible. John has always been painful to watch. No comments on Sway.

And now for the main event . . .