Mad Props . . .

. . . to my boy, AB. Even though I never call him that. Aaron Burgess wrapped up a ten year ministry this morning at Impact Church. Kelly and I attended the service to witness his last Sunday there. I remember our first Sunday at the Oak Hills Christian Church in 2000. We were looking for a local congregation to join while I was employed at Cincinnati Bible College. Aaron had just become the preaching minister there and pleaded with us to attend. Although we attended college together we never really talked much. I actually didn't really like him. But for some reason Kelly and I knew that we needed to be there. Now, six years later, we're the best of friends and we talk almost daily. If I'm faced with an important decision I'll consult the wife, then family, and then Aaron.

I know that Impact will deeply miss his presence but I'm sure they're grateful for where he was able to lead them. Six years ago, Oak Hills Christian was struggling to survive. Under his guidance they successfully merged with another church and completed an impossible building project. He has definitely left things in better shape than when he started. It's difficult to move on, but I know God has great things in store for both Impact and the Burgesses.

Note: I credit Dorota with making him the man he is today. Best decision ever, Aaron. Without her you're selling hot dogs down at GABP. How do you say "lucky" in Polish?