Bloggers Remorse

"All I get say is . . ." That was what I titled my previous post. What I meant to type is, "All I GOTTA say." In my effort to get a quick post in past 1am I did a poor job of reading what I typed. All that is within me wants to go back to the post and correct it, but I refrain.

Why not correct it? Well, if I do, then it'll send out the post again to all of you reading this via RSS feed. And a second publishing makes it very apparent that I made a typo. I know some people who edit and re-edit three or four times after publishing. And each time they do, it pops up on my Google Reader. Busted. In their effort to look better, it actually gets even more annoying.

I'll admit: I've gone back and edited stuff after posting, but I try to do it sparingly. I need to challenge myself to do better the first time so as not to embarrass myself. So unless you want to be that guy/girl who can't let it go, I'd suggest giving your posts a once over before you publish to see if there are any glaring gaffs. Then stick with your post as much as possible despite any mistakes you catch later. And if you continually find yourself needing correction, don't just dismiss it. If you care enough to post on the internet and want others to read your thoughts, then you should do your best to make it readable. Work at it.

One of the things I've come to appreciate about having a wife that's an editor is that she's an incredible proof-reader. Whenever I'm ready to publish an important letter or article, I always have her look it over. It makes me sound better. Unfortunately she doesn't edit my blog posts. When she catches a mistake, it drives me crazy. I want to publish grammatically flawless posts, so I keep working at it.

I know this was a pot/kettle moment but I bring it up to call all of us bloggers into grammatical accountability. We can write beautifully. We just need to continually work at it. I need to do better. We need to do better. Rise up.

Lord knows no one, want to be know as a cronic mispeller.