You CAN Hear It!

Finally, after much fanfare, we have our Echo podcast up. It can be found here at iTunes or the XML feed is here. A few things to be noted.

1) These files are currently in Mac form as opposed to mp3s. Sorry to you PC users, you are not forgotten. We'll be changing that soon.

2) Just wanted to get something up for now, so these are a few messages from our Genesis study from last fall. We'll try to get some new ones up soon.

3) Once we relaunch, we'll do our best to have the new messages up within a couple days.

4) Props to The Dale for consistently setting up his laptop to do the recording. This guy has been huge for us. Thanks, Dale!

5) And huge props to Brian Coates. We've sent about fifty emails back and forth this week. Brian's doing our hosting and has gone the extra mile to get us set up.

Things are starting to come together . . .