For To Smile About

A couple things that made me laugh today: 1) Kelly wrote yesterday about the Colbert Report's shutting down the elephant page of Wikipedia. While I admit to referencing the site, I find it hilarious because of the time that some people commit to updating it. For instance, as Colbert himself noted, the entry about him is longer than the one about Lutherans. Anyway here's a page that proves these people that update Wikipedia have a little too much time on their hands: a comprehensive list of songs featuring the cowbell.

"Guess what? I got a fever. And the only more cowbell!"

2) With the Reds rain delay [will they ever win again?] we were looking for something else on TV and came across a show called Who Wants To Be A Superhero on the SciFi channel. This reality show features people dressed up in homemade costumes as superhero characters in order to impress Stan Lee [Spiderman creator]. The goal is the hope that he might make a comic starring one of these characters. With people named Cell Phone Girl, Fat Momma, and Monkey Girl, this show is definitely worth watching. My personal pick:

Major Victory. I'm telling you, this guy's awesome.

I love to laugh.