My Entire Planet Is Blue

I have ideas, friends. Crazy ideas. Sometimes they haunt me. In fact, they haunt me so bitterly that I'm sometimes compelled to do something about them. Recently I've been mulling a particular idea. Even yesterday I made reference to my Tetris obsession. As I've been playing the Gameboy version the past few months I envisioned a book that would draw practical leadership applications from playing the game.

For instance, take risks, but take controlled risks. Sure it might yield huge points to clear four lines, but who's to say that illustrious four blocker will even appear? Or how about this simple one: never give up. Just when you're ready to reset the game, things can fall into place without you even doing anything.

There's plenty more where that came from. I'm a veritable fount of Russian leadership fundamentals.

And there are compelling reasons, I believe, that would cause people to purchase such a book such as:

  • The twentieth anniversary of the game is coming next year, so the cross-promotion timing would be perfect.
  • Leadership books are still a desired commodity, but few present themselves as "outside of the box." Yet those are the exact books that sell well. A Tetris leadership book? Way outside that there box.
  • A book like this also appeals to the legions of Tetris fans who've spent hours playing [as well as dreaming about] this geometric masterpiece.

I was feeling it, folks.

So before I wasted time working a manuscript or contacting publishing companies I decided to see if it was even feasible. You see, a company called Blue Planet Software owns all copyright powers for the game of Tetris [there's even a fascinating article on their site about how the game took off]. My book would be impossible without their complete approval, so I wrote a wonderfully descriptive email stating my idea/case, asking them if a book would even be a possibility.

I held my breath and, two days later, I received this:

Hi Steve, WOW, thank you for sharing your "Tetris" experience and your request for permission to publish a "leadership skills of Tetris" book. Unfortunately, we respectfully decline your request.

All the best to you,
David Kwock

Business Development Blue Planet Software Denied. Very sad.

It's still a good idea, people. I'll store this one in the vaults until they come around. But until them, if you see a Tetris leadership book on the market in the next couple of years, call my lawyers 'cause you heard it here first.