Lost Respects

Quick, what is this a picture of? If you answered a video game funeral, you'd be correct.

I still don't get the fascination with these online role-play games. Never played Dungeons and Dragons, dabbled in War Craft but I sucked at it, so I figured I should stick to Tetris and be content. Good move. I could've cost me a wife . . . and a life.

Today's gamers are hardcore crazy. They spend hours developing whole virtual societies that they take very seriously. Hence, the afore mentioned virtual funeral. I can't fathom that people would play a video game to pay respects to another character. Can you imagine the conversation some guy had to have:

Friend: "Hey man, wanna go catch a movie later?" Gamer: "Can't. I have to go to a funeral." Friend: "Sorry about that. Is the ceremony in town?" Gamer: "Not really. It will take place beside the Lake of Gobblegrand in Gnomeworld. Friend: "Uh, O.K. Who died? Gamer: "Geldolf, Enchanter of the Harland Woods." Friend: "Um . . . right. How old was he?" Gamer: "1,999 years old. It's rather unfortunate. He was a few weeks shy of his 2,000th birthday." Friend: "Yeah . . . I don't think we should hang out anymore."

Truly sad.

The only thing funnier than that funeral would be this:

A video game funeral killing spree.

Seems some guys decided to hijack the funeral and started killing all who attended. Priceless. Maybe gaming isn't as dorky as I thought.

I'm going to put a link to the video here for those interested, but must warn you that it contains explicit language. If you prefer not to observe potty language, then this video isn't for you. With that warning in place, here it is.