Me likes baseball, in case you didn't know. Last year we had the opportunity to watch Roger Clemens pitch against the Reds down at Great American; he got the victory and even hit a double. There were about 18,000 empty seats.

Compare that to the lunacy taking place down in Lexington. Yesterday Clemens signed with the Astros [nice gig: $12million to play half a season] and it was announced that he'd be starting his warm-up with the Lexington Legends on Tuesday. Within an hour, they sold 1,000 tickets. By the time of Tuesday's game, they'll likely break an attendance record with 9,000+ in attendance.

We thought we might have a chance there, but the in-laws were on vacation and weren't able to hook us up. But my father-in-law who's never seen Clemens live will get the chance to see him, so I'm really excited for him.

Thinking about this, here's all the great non-Reds pitchers I got to see play in person: Steve Carlton Phil Niekro Greg Maddox Tom Glavine Randy Johnson [struck out 14 and took the loss] John Smoltz

The guy I wish I could've seen that I had the chance to would've been Nolan Ryan. The guy I still want to see is Pedro Martinez.

And I still remember the first time I saw Pete Rose play, thank you very much.