I Used To Miss The 90's

We're watching the movie Milk Money- and not for its content. The movie was mostly filmed in the Cincinnati area so it's been fun to try to figure out the locations of different scenes. During my junior year of high school my alma mater had to reschedule a home football game so as not to interfere with some local filming. The "wetlands" in the movie are actually the westside of Cincinnati. Go figure. Oh, and I don't see how ambient noise from a football game could've made this movie any worse.

Two thoughts here:

1) Milk Money is Pretty Woman with a less affluent slob, plus some kids thrown in. Which leads me to . . .

2) What was up with the 1990's movies that used prostitution as a background for love stories? Who knew the relationship between a man and purchased sex partner could be so touching [no pun intended]?

Those were some strange times.