Plus, I Have Cable.

Tim at Blurred Brain opened the door for me to admit: I don't watch 24 either. I used to, though. I actually watched the very first episode of 24 that aired and proceeded to view the entire first season. It was new. The concept was different. It was awesome.

Then the second season happened and I tailed off. I mean, how many intense 24-hour periods can one person have before they decide to screw this job and sell insurance?

Plus, I realized the reality of 24: it's a soap opera with gratuitous killing.

Not that much different than professional wrestling which is a soap opera with grown men hugging.

Kelly and I were talking this evening about how we no longer invest in hour-long dramas. I can't do it anymore. I think I've seen every imaginable scenario they can come up with. We now watch just two kinds of programs: sports and reality TV.

I know- reality TV is a diet of cotton candy. But the unpredictable things people actually do when they know a camera is rolling keeps me tuning in. A fine example: we were watching The Apprentice last night and the task was to redesign outfits for Embassy Suites employees. I laughed out loud at the designs of some of the women.

And if you want to keep up with the conversation around the water cooler, just subscribe to Entertainment Weekly. I've never watched Lost or The Sopranos, but EW keeps me in the conversation.