I Miss The Smurf Ride

I gotta be honest: Cedar Point is way better than Kings Island. I've only been to Cedar Point once, but it made an impression. Millennium Force is the best roller coaster I've ever been on.

But [p]K.I.'s proximity to Cincy made it the destination of choice. Of course, it's not like I really ever went to Kings Island. During the three years when we lived 5 minutes away from the park, we went three times; and always with free tickets.

But if we lived there now, I might consider it because Cedar Point's parent company is purchasing Kings Island. The benefit to amusement park lovers is that, most likely, there will be a universal season pass, allowing season ticket holders admission to all their parks. If this goes through, it'll make Ohio an even greater amusement park Mecca.

Of course, all this happens when we go from five minutes away to thirty minutes away from Kings Island. And from four hours, ten minutes away to four hours thirty-five minutes away from Cedar Point.

Can't catch a break.