Me And The Kid

This is the first day that Kelly had to go back into the office, so it's the first day of extended dad and daughter time. She was quieter this morning, but has been wired all afternoon. Yes, Michael Keaton, I am Mr. Mom.

But since it's "Take Your Daughter To Work Day" and I'm working out of the house, I guess I was just doing my duty as a good father. Everyone in the office seems to like her.

Anyway, I thought I'd use this opportunity to tell a story I've been holding onto for a couple of days. It's a little gross, so you might not be interested.

I always wondered how I'd do with the diaper changing. I have a pretty strong stomach, but I'm not a big feces person. I heard an interesting quote on Seinfeld that summed up how I've been able to deal with it. Elaine is hanging out with a bunch of her friends who have babies and, as the scene opens, one mother remarked, " . . . but when it's your own baby's poop, it's not that bad." I've actually found this to be true. I have no problem dealing with our baby's poo, and have gotten the diaper change down to a science. It's no big deal.

Last week I woke up early in the morning to feed the little girl. In the middle of feeding her, we usually go for the diaper change because it's when she's the least resistant. It was a beautiful, quiet morning and Kaelyn was subdued. As I laid her on the changing table, she looked at me with her big [currently] blue eyes. I took off the dirty diaper and, before I could fasten on her new one, she proceeded to relieve herself. Number 2, mind you. And it was a well placed projectile.

Before I could blink, I had baby poo all the way up my arm. Fortunately, I was wearing a t-shirt.

All I could do was stare at her. I just wish someone had been around to witness it. I almost had the urge to pull out the camera so I could have proof, but decided to let it be a father/daughter moment.

Yep, I'm living the good life.