Going Pro

We're now a two computer home. Kelly officially heads back to work tomorrow. The blessing is she'll be working from home; she'll have to go in for about four hours each week, but beyond that it's me, her, and the kid working at the condo [not sure how much work Kaelyn gets done beyond her diaper]. Standard requires that you supply your own computer when working from home, and sharing one just wasn't a possibility.

We knew we were going to get a decent tax return back so we planned on using the-money-we-loaned-interest-free-to-the-United-States-government to pay for it. And I was able to finagle a discount so I went for the new MacBook Pro. It's sleek. It's silver. And it's freaking awesome.

I purchased a firewire and was able to transfer all the contents from the iBook to this laptop in half an hour. Now we don't have to wrestle over who gets to use the computer, leaving us ample opportunity to wrestle about other things [7+ years of marriage and still the fire burns].

I guess we're now officially a Mac family since we now have two Apple computers. Yeah, I guess we're yuppie scum, but we're getting things done.