Bloggin' Ain't Easy

After wrapping up this post I noticed that it's a geeky web conversation, so you might not be interested. I've had a rather productive week, so I indulged myself with a side project.

I've enjoyed the past year and a half of blogging so much that I wanted to make sure I could get a printed copy of my blog; I mean, I enjoy that y'all faithfully check this out, but I really do it for me. Someone tipped me off to a service called BlogBinders that makes a book out of your blog. After toying with the idea for a few months, I decided to go for it.

BlogBinders works with many different varieties of blogs, but Blogger is a horse of a different color. I had to mess with the html in my template and change almost all of the settings on my blog. The result was supposed to put all my 400+ posts on the front page of my blog which I could save in an html file and send to the BlogBinders people who would make it into a book I could save.

Long story short: I tried multiple times but the BlogBinders site would not accept my blogs. Not only that, but it seriously screwed with my blog, so all my previous posts were barely readable and all the comments were eliminated. And the Blogger system saw how I was messing with my blog and decided I was some sort of p0rn/spam website. Now I have to put in a verification code just to make a post.

To remedy my situation, I had to save my html code, briefly switch over to a generic Blogger template, and then reinstall my old code. I know this is a bunch of geek talk, but after hours of working with this I ended up with no book, a screwy blog, and a bad attitude.

But I'm not giving up. After some more research, I discovered that BlogBinders uses a service called Cafepress- a publish-it-yourself book site. So I'm going to save all my posts [including images, which BlogBinders wouldn't let you do] in a PDF and try doing it this way. I'll keep you updated on the process.

So if you're looking to publish your blog, you might want to try BlogBinders. But if you have Blogger, steer clear; it's definitely not worth it.