Preach It, Preacher

Preachers are interesting people. Give a guy a pulpit and a microphone and absolutely nothing will stop him from getting through his message. I guess the line of thinking is, "I worked all week on this sermon and I'll be damned if anything will stop me from getting through it." I remember when I was a kid going to church in Price Hill, there was a shoot-out going on across the street. The police came over and told us we had to move to a less exposed part of the building to ensure our safety. So about forty of us moved into a back hallway while the minister continued on with his sermon as if nothing happened.

We shall overcome . . . any distraction.

With that in mind, I present to you video of a preacher determined to finish his message . . . despite the fact the a loud fire alarm [including strobe light warning] blares behind him. Do you think anyone was actually listening to his point or were they wanting to get away from this annoying sound. By the way, it's so bad that, as I was downstairs listening to this clip on my Mac, Kelly came downstairs to ask me where the alarm was coming from. If listening to it on the internet is that horrible, can you imagine if you had been there?

Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and move on. Dude should've cut it off.

HT: Bob