One Down, a Lifetime to Go

Just in case you were wondering, I had a good day today. Funny how the time change doesn't affect you as much when you don't have to wake up for church [ah, the benefits of church at night!]. Kaelyn's been up with increasing frequency during the night, which means sleep is a commodity. So when we get the opportunity to sleep in, we take advantage of it.

I had everything ready for church tonight, so all I had to do today was hold my daughter. Tough life. As Kelly and I talked about things, we decided that this would be the week that we would finally take Kaelyn to church. That made me happy for two reasons:

1) Kelly would finally be able to come to church after a four week hiatus. 2) Kaelyn would finally get to hear her daddy preach.

I feel a little bad for the girl. She has 18 more years of having to listen to me speak on Sundays, in addition to what she'll get throughout the rest of the week. She'd have to get used to it sometime, so we started her off tonight. The text I preached from was Genesis 29 & 30, concerning Jacob's dysfunctional family. I promise to Kaelyn that I will always put the "fun" in our dysfunctional family. She did a great job, staying pretty silent throughout the message, mumbling an occasional "amen" in her sleep.

I asked her afterward how I did. She spit up. Don't know how to take that. I'll ask her again in a couple of years.

Like I said, it was a good day.