Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

That's why our bassinet isn't in a corner. You can't go and break a rule like that. Kelly had to make a trip to Target this afternoon to return duplicate shower gifts so this meant the first opportunity for me and Kaelyn to be alone. Good news: I didn't lose her.

I wasn't sure how to spend our time together so I made a list of things we could do. For instance, I wanted to teach her how to walk so, when Kelly returned home, she would be surprised. I don't think Kaelyn is quite ready for it. She did twitch her legs a couple times though.

Nor was she willing to learn any Spanish. Seriously, it wasn't that hard; I was keeping it simple- Spanish 1 type words. There was this one time, when she tooted, it sounded like the word "caramba," but I was mistaken; she gave me nada.

And I'm not even going to talk about our juggling session. How embarrassing. At this rate, she'll never make it into the circus.

So all we really got accomplished this afternoon was Kaelyn eating, me changing her diaper, and her sleeping. Not quite the father/daughter time I was hoping for, but it'll do for now.