More Than Words

There's so much that has happened in the past two months that I didn't get a chance to write about. I had some interesting thoughts that are sporadically returning to me. This is one of those. While Kaelyn was in the NICU the nurses would overload us with information. And since she had multiple nurses, some of the info would be repetitive. It was at this time that I believe I realized the scariest two word combination known to man:

Rectal Thermometer

Yes, more than one nurse felt it was their duty to open our eyes to this intrusive way of checking our little one's level of body heat.

Now think about it [don't think about it too hard, lest you become frightened, but gloss over the words], separately those words aren't too bad. Thermometer isn't scary by itself. And, although rectal is indeed a disturbing word, it's an adjective not meant to stand alone.

But once you combine those two words to form a noun, you suddenly have a topic unfit for your average church pot luck dinner.

Feel free to comment on your own two word combos, but I propose that this is truly a case of bad English- a noun I could do without.