Ticked Off, To Put It Nicely

UC doesn't make the NCAA tournament. This is a travesty.

I know, anyone whose team doesn't make it into the field thinks it was the worst snub of all time but, I'm serious, this might be it; it's ridiculous. A selection committee that's supposed to pick the 34 best at-large teams, that's supposed to value a difficult schedule, that's supposed to look at quality wins. They took Air Force, Utah State, and UAB over Cincinnati. Check those stats and compare them to UC. This was a statement by the committee against power conference, elevating smaller conferences to something they're not: competitive. Put Wichita State or George Mason in the Big East and how many games do they win?

Totally moronic. It's an absolute joke. I question how many games the selection committee really watched this year.

As much as I love college basketball, I'm sickened to the point that I might not watch any of the tournament. My heart breaks for Andy Kennedy and all the seniors on the team who did an amazing job to make something good out of a horrible situation.

I might have more to say on this later, but I doubt it.

I'm rather angry.