Too Much Basketball

I've been a bit paranoid the last few days. I'm convinced that UC has made the NCAA tournament but I'm still sweating it out. I don't think I've ever been as passionate about a Bearcat team before [not even the infamous "Kenyon Martin's Broken Leg Year"] because I really want this opportunity for those guys. Since UC is a bubble team, all these other conference tournament are important to the Bearcats' tournament chances; i.e., I want all these other bubble teams to lose.

It's for this reason that I've been watching a ton of college basketball during the past few days. Seriously, my brackets should be awesome this year because I think I've seen ever team in the country play this season. By my best accounting, here's the number of games of various conference tournaments that I've watched since Wednesday [with a minimum of five minutes of viewing time]:

Big East- 7 SEC-5 ACC-4 Big Ten-3 Big 12-1 Conference USA-1 Atlantic 10- 2 West Coast- 2 Northeast- 1 Colonial- 1 Missouri Valley- 2

Please consider that I have the advantage of cable television which gives you two ESPN's and a Fox Sports in addition to regular network programming.

Yes friends, I need to get a life.