Had a very good meeting today about Echo. When we started the church, we resolved to boot-strap it: that is, we were going to run the church with as low as an overhead as possible. And I wasn't too thrilled at the thought of fundraising, so we decided we were just going to start with whatever we had. We were blessed with friends and supports who gave to Echo without having to be asked [thanks again!] and were able to get the ministry off the ground.

One of the bigger struggles we've faced is getting the word out about our new church. In an urban context, it takes time to earn trust. Plus, it takes considerable fundage to conduct effective outreach events to reach the community. So we sought assistance from the Christian Evangelizing Fellowship, a local church planting association to help Echo out. Aaron and I have been in conversation with them for about nine months now and today I attended their board meeting to discuss their supporting us.

As I laid out our vision to the group, they really seemed to understand what we are trying to accomplish. With relatively no questions asked, they decided to give us support. It was amazing! And afterward they prayed for me and our ministry. Also, many of the board members came up to and offered to help us out however possible.

This is another blessing associated with Echo. Nine months ago, when we sold our house and announced we were moving to Walnut Hills, we had no idea how God would provide for us. But He did. And I know He'll continue to do so.

God is good. Most definitely.