I Love It When You Call Me Big Papa

I don't think I'll take pictures of Kaelyn everyday of her life, but here's another one: We only had outdoor pets growing up. Low maintenance. You threw out some food for them . . . and that was pretty much it.

So I guess I really wasn't prepared for the 24/7 attention a baby requires.

Still, adjusting to having Kaelyn home has gone rather smoothly. She's on a pretty regular schedule: she sleeps, she poops, she eats. This reoccurs in three hour increments. I imagine it'll be a long time before we get to sleep through the night, but this is why people have kids, isn't it?

Kel and I were just talking about how small she is. She gained six ounces in the first twenty-four hours after we brought her home. In a few weeks she'll be a big[ger] baby and we won't have these days where we can handle her like she's a doll. Gotta enjoy it while we can.

Good times.