One Last Blast

And while I'm on a roll, why does our local media feel the need to bust into regular programming with a "Special Report" whenever it starts to rain? Notice there's no way that they'll ever interrupt a commercial break, but will wait right until the show you're watching comes back on.

Now they'll say that they're doing this because they care about the community. But if this "breaking news" is really so important, why don't they wait till after the commercial break? It's like they're saying, "Yes we care, but not enough to tick off the sponsors and lose advertising money."

My take: They don't care. They're attention-starved media whores.

There, I said it. I feel better.

Seriously, they're becoming the boy who cried wolf. I'm starting to tune them out. They've broken in so much that someday something serious is going to happen and I'll refuse to listen. They'll interrupt my show, I'll flip over to Comedy Central and be sucked away by a tornado while watching The Colbert Report.

I never switched over to the DISH because of the local channel thing. I now ask myself why I cared.

I need some sleep.