Super Bowl XL Recap: Second Half

This is PART TWO of my Super Bowl XL recap. I thought I'd break up my thoughts to make it a little more digestible. First, check out PART ONE, and then read continue reading this post. -You're going to find this crazy, but I'm really having a problem with these black and white photos of Steelers/Seahawks players holding the Lombardi trophy. Most hockey players refuse to even touch the Stanley Cup before they win it. Is there nothing sacred left in sports that the networks won't exploit for publicity? 'Tis a sad, disturbing thing.

-Grey's Anatomy looks interesting, but I liked it better the first time when it was called ER.

-Jerome Bettis should shut his mouth and be thankful that he still has a career. Willie Parker just proved that he's good enough to get the job done running the ball for Pittsburgh. Bettis should be embarrassed for stealing, what should be, Parker's touchdowns. And if it weren't for a Ben Rothlisberger tackle, the lasting memory of Jerome would be him committing the biggest fumble in NFL history.

-The advertising in the first half was so bad, I feel OK about peeing during commercials now.

-Back to Big Ben, I give to you Trent Dilfer and Tom Brady. Rothlisberger had the chance to be just like them: Super Bowl winning quarterbacks who benefited by playing on teams with good defenses. In these situations, your job is simple: don't screw it up. I know there's a lot of football left but, halfway through the third quarter, I think Ben is due for one more interception.

-The commercials are boring. Right now, the game is boring. It's making the halftime show look good. We need a good fourth quarter here. -When is a tackle an illegal block? Another great officiating job.

-Just saw an ad from Boston Legal. So Tom Selleck, the former love interest for Courtney Cox on Friends, is now Candace Bergen's beau? I'm sorry: downgrade.

-Pittsburgh's going to win. Just great. I'm ready to hook up to Kelly's IV. That's IntraVenous line, not four.

-The fumble by Matt Hassleback is overturned. Eight minutes remaining in the game and the officials finally get one right.

-Four minutes left, and I'm contemplating whether or not I want to watch the postgame. I'm thinking I probably will. We're now going to have to endure an entire year of hearing from Steeler fans. Hopefully the birth of my daughter will help me forget this ever happened.

I'm done with this. I'm retiring to my hospital chair/bed. Maybe I'll wake up and Super Bowl XL will be a bad dream.