Super Bowl XL Recap: First Half

So here we are, in the hospital, watching the Super Bowl. I'm not sure I've ever watched the big game with just one other person. And I'm not sure that Kel is going to be able to stay awake through the duration, so it might just be me. There's always much to be said about the NFL championship, but I'll make some observations to keep my self entertained. -Is it just me, or is Aretha Franklin's diva bit a little played out? I'm convinced she thinks that everyone around the world tuned in just hear her sing. Why should we R-E-S-P-E-C-T you when all you care about is your rep?

-What was up with the voice of the woman introducing the past MVP's? It was the audible equivalent of a car accident: incredibly horrible but I could not turn away.

-Kimo Von Oelhoffen just got jacked up by Seattle's center. It won't un-tear Carson Palmer's ACL but it sure made me feel better.

-The pass interference call against Seattle's Darren Jackson could be the worst call NFL officials have made all year. And calling Rothlisberger's goal line dive a touchdown was just as bad. Why is it that the age of instant replay have produced some of the poorest officiating in NFL history.

-Thinking about Budweiser's streaking sheep commercial, I think "Didn't need to see that," could become the day-after-the-Super-Bowl-around-the-water-cooler-catch-phrase. [Scratch that. I'm now going with the guy who clobbered the woman playing touch football saying, "You were open but NOW YOU ARE CLOSED!"].

-This just in: Pittsburgh still sucks.

-Why do companies like Career Builder and Go Daddy, who spend $88,000 a second to advertise during the Super Bowl, rehash their lame commercials from last year?

-I can tolerate Michael Irvin on ESPN, but whose idea was it to give him a microphone on Super Bowl Sunday?

-A quick note to ABC concerning their new show Sons and Daughters: no wonder CBS is cleaning your clock.

-It's the halftime show and all I can think is, "PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE BRING OUT DAVID BOWIE AND DO DANCING IN THE STREETS!" OK, that's a little out of line but I swear if Keith Richards has a wardrobe malfunction I might never be able to have another child.