Top 40 Movies of My Life

Again, not sure there's any reason for this list except for my own entertainment, but this post reveals my favorite flicks. As you search through it you'll soon realize that I'm not a film snob; I just like good stories told well. Parental guidance is suggested. Again, no specific order.

Glory Matthew Broderick's acting leaves much to be desired but no matter. It's a powerful story. The soundtrack is like another character in the film.

Interstellar Saw it in the theater because of my belief in Christopher Nolan; he can do know wrong. I didn't care for it after that first viewing but now consider it one of his most brilliant works. Another amazing soundtrack.

The Truman Show Jim Carray in his career role. From concept to execution, it's an emotional ride.

The Empire Strikes Back Even though The Force Awakens is a great addition to the Star Wars universe, nothing will ever touch all that's packed into Episode V. It's by far the most quotable of any of the movies. Sequel supremacy.

Die Hard No sequel supremacy here, as the second was a farce. Yes, it ought to be considered a Christmas movie because, "Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho."

Tombstone Without Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, I don't think this movie works. It's a movie quote goldmine.

Forrest Gump Saw this in the Covedale Theater on Glenway Avenue the summer I graduated high school. Maybe that's why I still rate it so highly.

Tommy Boy The best of Chris Farley's genius on display. And give it to David Spade who played a great straight man. Black Sheep, however, was a swing and a miss.

V for Vendetta Although it's disturbing and a rallying cry for anarchy, it's well done.. And I often forget that Natalie Portman isn't British.

Children Of Men Just an absolute masterpiece. Great concept. Compelling performances. Amazing camera work.

The Dark Knight Heath Ledger's final act is legendary. Batman has long been my favorite superhero and my Nolan fandom was cemented in how he spun this story. Sequel supremacy.

Field of Dreams It's an eighties movie that hasn't gone out of style. I'm really not a Kevin Costner fan but he excels as an "everyman" in this film. Back to the Future Part Two It's so meta—and almost picked the World Series champion a quarter-century in advance. Sequel supremacy.

Once As authentic as they come. There was no investment in production but it made me care much more than movies with much higher budgets. Another case of the soundtrack making the movie.

Spaceballs A nod to my childhood. Mel Brooks knew exactly what he was doing in this spoof. It's absurdly intelligent.

Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers The trilogy was masterfully made (although the Hobbit movies were almost unwatchable). Sequel supremacy.

Zombieland This movie is the epitome of today's witty movie storytelling. I think it's the only inclusion of Bill Murray on this list, but even how he's used here shows how smart this film is.

Gladiator Decided between this or Braveheart. Braveheart had the soundtrack and was more raw, but I think Joaquin Phoenix was the better villain. I was entertained.

Inception It takes a couple of viewings to determine what's going on (and you still might not figure it out), but Nolan found gold again.

Aliens "Game over, man! Game over!" Sequel supremacy. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off John Hughes understanding of teen angst transcended the decade in which this movie was made. Though not as serious as the Breakfast Club, it's precisely why it's my pick between the two.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Yeah, it's basically the 2010's version of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, but the international scenery makes a good story into a visually stunning film. Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade Who knew the series needed a little Sean Connery? It great way to end the franchise (because I don't acknowledge that the fourth movie exists).

Oceans 11 (the 2001 version) Yeah, it's cotton candy with eye candy but that's why I like it.

Tree of Life The only movie on this list that I've only watched once. It was a hauntingly brilliant work. Maybe I should watch it again.

Jurassic Park Again, the soundtrack displayed the grandeur of the story. Watching it this year, I'm shocked how lifelike the dinosaurs looked in the infancy of CGI. Hot Fuzz The dark comedy could be declared sequel supremacy as it's a follow-up on Shawn of the Dead. It's all for the greater good (the greater good).

The Departed I'm not a huge Martin Scorsese fan (despite my Godfather homage below), but this makes a solid case for buy in. Amazing cast plus nerve-wracking plot earned that Oscar.

The Matrix Absolutely no sequel supremacy in this trilogy; in fact, the following two movies practically ruin the original story. I still find it mind-blowing.

Total Recall A thoughtful sci-fi action movie with Schwarzenegger as the lead. It's like a solar eclipse.

The Karate Kid We all think we're Daniel LaRusso's facing our Johnny Lawrence's. It's likely the movie in my top 40 with the worst acting, but the eighties were crazy like that.

Kingsman It's a late addition to the list but I've watched it a few times and am continually impressed by its creative storytelling. Plus, I like British stuff. As evidenced by . . .

Monty Python and the Holy Grail It's an ancient tale with a sketch comedy twist. I still laugh, even though I know all the jokes.

Dead Poet’s Society This is a nostalgic pick in honor of Robin William's range. His monologues this film still give me goosebumps.

Full Metal Jacket Yeah, it's insane. I saw this in junior high and Stanley Kubrick messed with my mind. As I got older, I realized the depth of the political statement it was, just a decade after the end of the war.

The Godfather Part Two I could entertain arguments with this pick, but this is the textbook case of sequel supremacy. The combo of Pacino AND DeNiro is why it surpasses the original.

O Brother Where Art Thou? The retelling of Odyssey has humor and harmonies. It'll never go out of style.

Wall-E It's a masterpiece. I emotionally invested in a digitally animated robot.

Top Gun This movie defined a decade. I'll watch it now with you if you'd like.

Fight Club I'm not a Fight Club fanatic, but the cult classic ushered in the new century of movie making.