Let's Build A House

I turn 40 this week. Exciting stuff, to be sure.

Though I didn’t create a bucket list of "40 things to do before 40” list, there’s one thing I’d like to see happen and maybe you could help see it through.

The picture above is of my friends Daniel, Buzi, and their family. They live in rural Myanmar (a country in southeast Asia). Daniel teaches at a local school and they minister to the residents of their village. We met Daniel when he was studying at CCU. Kelly was so moved by his work that she’s his forwarding agent (handles his finances in the U.S.) and we're both on the board of directors for his mission. Daniel and Buzi do amazing work. Myanmar is a country rather hostile to Christianity, but they fearlessly persist in helping people in the name of Jesus

Since the people in Daniel’s village know he’s been to America, they look to him for support even though he himself isn’t affluent. Still, Daniel and Buzi give generously, trusting that God will provide for them.

In this, my birthday week, I’d love for you to be used by the Lord to provide for them.

Daniel and Buzi are trying to build a house. This house would be key to expanding their ministry. Few in their village own their own homes so this would be a key asset for their outreach.

They already have a plot of land promised to them and a downpayment. All they need is to pay for the land and the supplies for the structure. Grand total: $30,000.

It might be far fetched to think we could do all of this in a few days; we’re working with our board to help find other donors to pay for this project. But I figure that there might be a few of you that feel called to give. Maybe I’ve helped you out somehow over the years. Maybe you were even thinking of getting me a birthday present. If you would, consider giving a gift to build Daniel and Buzi a home as a way of saying thanks. I’d love for the people I know to make a difference in this family’s work.

You can give online through a fund we have through Echo Church. Just click here and chose the option for “Christian Mission for Myanmar."

To read more about Daniel and Buzi's work, click here.