Ten Years In the House

This is where Google Analytics goes to die. I'm not sure who reads this site anymore (except my students searching for class notes that I, unfortunately, haven't updated for years). I've been a wretched blogger as of late. I attribute this to a couple of factors. First, my doctoral work kept me writing so much that I had no time to script thoughts that didn't have a specific goal; of course, I finished my dissertation but I never returned to regular writing. The second reason is that both my jobs require a considerable amount of writing so, if I'm going to spend time working out some sentences, my time is better spent doing it for what I HAVE TO write rather than what I WANT TO write. I wasn't even able to finish the list of thanks for my doctoral work (I never got around to thanking my family and friends who have contributed so much to my development).

This website is now ten years old.

A decade of blogging should be impressive, but I'm not sure that last couple of years have best represented my writing abilities. Still, I'm so grateful for this website.

The past ten years have been transformational for me. When I started this blog, I had no idea what the next decade would hold. I never would have predicted, in 2004, what would happen in my life:

  • Moving to the city
  • Starting a church
  • Having a daughter
  • Returning to Cincinnati Christian University
  • Getting two more degrees

I'm grateful I have my thoughts from this past decade to reflect upon. And even though I've written this many times before, I'm going to commit to posting much more in the years to come. I've recognized that I need to write more for myself. Sermons and corporate website updates are great, but I'm better when I'm writing stuff that I don't have to.

So if you stumbled across this site, I hope you enjoy reading my musings. I promise, for both our sakes, to keep creating new content to keep us interested.