Thanks (Part 3)

As I march towards my doctoral graduation, my mind dwells on all those who made my achievement possible. In the forward of my book, I listed a slew of those people and I want to take some time to elaborate on their influence. 3. I cannot give enough credit to Cincinnati Christian University. The most important relationships in my life came as a result of CCU, and I look forward to serving her in some capacity for the rest of my days.

I've written in-depth before about my relationships with Cincinnati Christian University. There's no need for me to rehash it all again.

Almost five years ago, I returned for a second stint of employment at CCU. I was wrapping up my second masters degree from Xavier, unsure about any future academic endeavors. Being back in that setting rekindled in me a value of structured education and it was from there that I began to search out doctoral programs. My supervisors granted me flexibility during my two-week residencies, giving me the opportunity to be in school and work from afar. I could have completed the program without this accommodation, but it would have been extremely challenging.

Perhaps the biggest blessing of my involvement with CCU while completing my work was the opportunity to teach while I was learning. The ability to integrate my studies into the classroom helped cement concepts with which I was grappling. Also, conversations with students and faculty gave me ample space to postulate solutions to the questions I was discovering through my research.

My involvement with CCU as a student, employee, coach, volunteer, and instructor changed my life. Without this place, I wouldn't be who I am today.