Seriously. I mean it.

This is my blog. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. Yes, this place has been a barren wasteland of world wide web real estate recently; this is only my 8th blog post of the year. But I think I needed to step away for awhile.

I'm writing this from Boston, working out my second doctoral residency. In the time between my first doctoral residency and now, I feel like I condensed a few years of life into this past one. A list of things from my life from my last year:

  • Our daughter started all-day kindergarten
  • Took a new job within the University, working in the marketing/digital field.
  • Completed the first chapter of my doctoral thesis
  • Had to move the location of Echo Church
  • Had to get settled into a new church location
  • Lost a good friend to cancer
  • Taught five college courses
  • Spoke at a Christian Teen Convention
  • Ran two marathons
  • Helped oversee bringing in Tim Tebow to CCU
  • Preached dozens of sermons

But the biggest reason I've kept from blogging is that I'm doing an immense amount of writing currently. In writing my thesis, and overseeing social media, websites, and blogs, I'm constantly crafting words. When I get home at night, I just want to decompress and watch Top Gear. And if I do post on the web, I want to tweet. 140 characters doesn't seem as imposing as a blog post.

Yet as much as a whine about a busy life, everyone's life is busy. And I've been using it as an excuse. Apologies for my laziness. It needs to change.

So I'm going to start posting more regularly again.

Seriously. It'll happen.

I've enjoyed this blog immensely. I don't want to feel embarrassed at the lack of content. So now I write again.