The Night Before 26.2

So it looks like we'll get soaked tomorrow. That's yet another interesting thing about running the marathon: you train for months in all kids of weather just wishing for a beautiful race day. And yet for my third consecutive marathon, and for the third consecutive year, I'll be getting wet. But that's why this thing is almost as mental as it is physical. But on both accounts, I'm feeling great. You can't let a little weather prevent you from a goal like this.

The weather does, however, throw a wrench into predicting my performance. But I have to make a guess so I can continue to gauge how I feel. So after finishing 3:58 in my first, and 4:32 in an injured attempt last year, here's my call:

  • Top Goal: 3:52
  • Realistic Goal: 4:00
  • "As long as I come in by this time I'll be satisfied" goal: 4:15

Regardless of what happens, to all my running and volunteering friends, I look forward to seeing you out there.