Marathon Week: The Morning Of

It's Christmas. Since the end of December I've been anticipating this morning. All these months of preparation comes down to this one day. Fortunately, I was able to get some sleep last night, so lack of sleep won't be a problem.

Keeping dry, however, might be.

Looking at the radar it seems like there might be some dry periods this morning, but there's no way we're not getting wet. Fortunately, it's already 65 degrees, so we won't be freezing (we runners, that is. I feel bad for the volunteers and spectators). The rain will make the course slow which could actually help me. Since the tendinitis requires that I keep a slower, steady pace, I'm hoping I'll be able to control expectations and just run a solid race. Last year I finished at 3:58, just under my four-hour goal. This year will be a different story. So calling my shot:

  • Top goal: 4:12
  • Most realistic goal: 4:22
  • "As long as I come in by this time I'll be satisfied" goal: 4:32

Regardless, just crossing the finish line in a few hours will be worth it.

Here I go . . .