The Latest at the House

The layers of snow have sapped much of my creativity. Ironic, eh? I finally have a little downtime to write yet I have no spectacular topic to offer. My deepest apologies, but I doubt anyone but me cares. But just so I can remember what's been going on in my life, some bullet points:

  • Even with the late season snow, I've done well getting through the winter. I'm marathon training again (well, not in the snow) and I think getting back into shape has helped with my attitude. Still, I can't wait for a little Spring action.
  • Church has been very good lately. I feel like we're hitting on most of our cylinders. I'll probably have more to say about this in the next day or so, suffice to say, I love our church.
  • Sermon prep has been going good as well. We're wrapping the books of 1&2 Thessalonians. I've been preaching out of the New Testament for all but two months since the summer of 2008. This was by design, because starting on Easter we'll begin the book of Exodus. It'll take about a year for us to get through it, and I'm giddy about it. I love the Old Testament and thoroughly enjoy presenting its relevancy to our modern lives.
  • Speaking of the O.T., I'm taking a seminary class on the book of Genesis. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Dr. Mark Ziese is a professor I avoided as an undergrad because of the amount of work he assigns. I guess this is my penance.
  • We were in Lexington last weekend to watch the Wildcats play at Rupp Arena. They have a very good team this year. As for my Bearcats, I have serious doubts about Coach Cronin. It makes me sad: I really like the guy, but his teams have never gelled and they lose as the end of the season. Since the re-upped his contract last year, I think he'll keep his job at least one more season.
  • Less than two weeks until pitchers and catchers report. Am I a homer because I like this Reds team's chances?
  • The Winter Olympics are coming this weekend. My wife has Vancouver issues (that's a story she can share) and I'm not as into them as the Summer games. I will, however, try to DVR curling. I love that stuff.
  • No "24" or "American Idol" this spring. All I have to do is scan Facebook and I get the gist.
  • Speaking of Facebook, I actually like the new look, but it seems like the news feed refreshes less frequently. Anyway . . .
  • We watch too much HGTV. And I like it. Maybe I should start chewing tobacco.

Will we get back-to-back snow days? I doubt it, but I wouldn't turn it down.