I was one of the disappointed after yesterday's Apple presentation. As one who owns many a Steve Jobs product, I've come to expect a lot from the company. Personally, my disappointment stemmed from no announced upgrade in the MacBook Pro line (I'm in need of a new laptop) But that's not the point of this little rambling. Many of the disgruntled are angry the the new iPad isn't much more than a larger iPhone. It's a stripped down piece of equipment with little memory that's, basically, sealed off from additions. Techies were incredulous that there was no camera on the tablet, which would make online conference calls even cooler.

But if you've read about the iPad, everyone knows why the thing came with few bells and whistles: Apple will add them on in future releases. Sure, they have the technology to add them now but, as with most Apple products, they will become even better at a more affordable price in the near future. I'm willing to bet that by this Christmas, the iPad will have a camera, much more memory, and an attractional price.

This fact should cause the consumer to wonder: why did Apple even put this thing out if it's incomplete?

And the answer: early adopters.

These are the loyal Mac-geeks who will buy anything that "the Jobs" produces. They've probably already ordered their iPad and, on the day it hits their front door, they'll hurry over to Starbucks so someone will see them using it. Since Apple knows fan boys will buy this coolest new toy, why bother outfitting it fully? Ironically, it'll be these same people who will whine when the new version is released (with better accessories and at a better price), moaning that Apple is punishing them when they were committed to the technology from the get go.

They're not punishing them deliberately. They just know that earlier adopters are masochistic.

I'm not sure I have much use for an iPad (at least as is anyway). That's not to say that I'll never own one, but I'd never buy any new Apple toy until the second or third generation.

So feel free to hang on there. Save your money. It's bound to get better.