College Football Is Done

Since I stayed up past midnight to watch college football's championship game [the BCS is still lame], I thought I'd at least jot a few late-night thoughts . . .

Why start this game so late? Kelly went to bed five hours ago. There is no west coast bias until it comes to the starting times of these games. Kick-off wasn't until 8:30. Are California's ratings so important that you give kids [and people who have to wake up early] in the Eastern Time Zone no opportunity to watch the best games? You wonder why kids these days aren't as into the major sports. They've never been able to stay up late enough to watch playoff/championship games.

Is instant replay worth it? College football held out from instant replay until this past year. All season it was working well until this game; this one has been a mess. This officiating crew has had way too many calls to the booth. Instant replay did even more to prolong this game.

Dan Fouts is unbearable. Playing quarterback for the Chargers doesn't make you a great color-commentator. Didn't his unsuccessful stint on Monday Night Football teach us anything? And I really do love that Keith Jackson is still announcing games, but I think it's time for him to hang it up. It takes him ten seconds to get around to describing what actually happened. Team these two guys together and a great game becomes a little annoying. My take: drop Fouts and I'll tolerate Jackson.

Vince Young is incredible.
I just watched him run in a touchdown to take the lead with 19 seconds left in the game. Barring a miracle, Texas will be the national champs. Even though his delivery is ugly, he gets the ball out quick. I know everyone is hyping Reggie Bush as the number one pick, but Vince Young might be able to be what everyone thought that Michael Vick would.

I'm glad I'm not at Mason anymore. Yep, Texas pulled it out. That being said, I would hate to have to be around Troy Clark tomorrow. Troy, the student minister at CCM, is a huge Texas fan. He wears that burnt orange crap everywhere. Of course, Troy takes Thursdays as his off-day. I bet he might just come into work anyway just to gloat. At least I won't have to listen to him.

It's way too late. Time for sleep.