Surprise, Surprise!

So Kelly tells me, "You're having a birthday party tonight."

Cool. She had been selling me this whole "let's just you and me spend your birthday together" bit, which I bought hook, line, and sinker. So she pulled one over on me. Good move, babe. It wasn't a full surprise party, more of an "open house" type party but I had no idea who was showing up. So whenever someone knocked at the door, it was like "Let's Make A Deal." It was just a small gathering of folks, but a great way to spend the night before my birthday. We probably told way too many stories from ten years ago.

Kelly had everyone bring a 2-liter of Diet Cherry Coke, so I have enough to last me at least a week. So not only will I turn 30, but I'll have something to drown my sorrows with.

So in under an hour, I'll leave my twenties in the dust. C'est La Vie, third decade on earth. Bring on number four.