30 on 30

Taking a twist off a line from Van Halen's Hot For Teacher,

"I don't feel thirty."

As I close the door on my twenties, I have to salute a good decade. In the past ten years, a lot has happened in my life:

I graduated from both college and seminary.
I started playing golf.
I used the internet/email for the first time.
I water-skied for the first time.
I asked Kelly to marry me.
I got ordained.
We got married.
I took my first plane ride.
I started my first full-time job.
I held four different ministries.
I lived in six different locations.
I owned four different cars.
I captained a regional champion soccer team.
I coached two years of collegiate soccer.
I performed my first wedding and first funeral.
We bought our first house.
We bought our first new car.
I taught about God over 200 times, not including any Sunday School classes I taught.
I visited four countries on three different continents.
I became an uncle.
I was published in national magazines and local newspapers.
I started a new church.

It's easy to remember these good times, forgetting all the bad stuff that happened during this decade of my life. I don't fear my thirties, as I have much to look forward to [fatherhood, for one]. It's just another decade to do a bunch of new stuff.

I say, "Bring it on."