The Week O' Secrets

Next week will complete for me one year blogging. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. Few habits have I been able to maintain like House of Carr [Beit Carr for the Hebrew speaking crowd], but somehow I stuck with it.

Even though I like to think of this as a somewhat spiritual exercise, I'm not sure that blogging is akin to journaling. Since this forum is out on the world wide web for all to see [thanks, Al Gore] I might not be as forthcoming as I would if this was a written diary. Yep, I've held some embarrassing stuff back from you, things I couldn't get myself to share. But I think now's the perfect time to get some of my deep, dark secrets out there.

So in recognition of my blogging anniversary I've decided that I'm going to commit this week's postings to total honesty. I'm gonna be talking about stuff that only Kelly knows.

I tried to do a theme week once before and it failed miserably. But I think my transparency here will make for a little more compelling read.

So starting tomorrow, here comes my secrets. Tell your friends.