Steve Secret One

I like Usher's music.

I'm into a lot of different kinds of music. From rap to rock, classical to country, I'm a connoisseur of different tunes. But here's one guy whose music I can't get enough of. Yes friends, A-town in the house.

*I had to search for the following information on the web so even though I'm coming out as liking Usher, don't think I have this knowledge memorized; I'm not that crazy.

Usher [or as Ludacris would refer to him, "Ooo-shure"], who just celebrated his 27th birthday a few weeks ago, was discovered when he was a contestant on Star Search. He has catchy songs, is an agile dancer and even has a new movie out next week. What can't this guy do?

I think the song that got me hooked on young Usher Raymond's music was U Got It Bad. These are some of the lyrics from that song:

"All my people who know what's going on
Look at your mate, help me sing my song
Tell her, 'I'm your man, you're my girl.
I'm gonna tell it to the whole wide world.'
Ladies say, 'I'm your girl, you're my man
Promise to love you the best I can.'"

Dang! Now that's poetry. I'll be reflecting on those words all night. He's definitely da' bomb.

I have yet to buy an Usher CD, but once he gets a greatest hits album out, I'll get it.

Make fun of me if you like, but I don't care. I'm Caught Up.