With November being the month I'll celebrate one year of blogging, I've declared this customer appreciation month. Horray! So let me sincerely say thanks for investing a few minutes of your day to read what I write. I'd probably still do this even if no one read my blog, but I'd slack off in my effort. And I definitely wouldn't have any pictures.

That being said, I'll admit that this past year has made me a blog geek. I read about fifteen different blogs a day and check on who is reading Beit Carr. And, in case you were wondering, readership is up. Tim Reed led me to this great service called Sitemeter that tells you who visits your blog [the best part is that the price is right {free}]. One of the interesting tools they have there is the ability to see how people arrived to your blog. While some of you have me bookmarked, some people find my site through a web search. But some of the searches are interesting. Just recently, a few people found me when they searched "'In God They Trust' NBC." So here are some of the websearches made in the last week that brought people to my website:

-Olsteen [wonder if they were disappointed?]
-Rob Bell, Mars Hill Church and Sabbath keeping [all in one search]
-Colorado Republican politics

And my absolute personal favorite:
"Pat Sajak and Vanna White had an affair"

Huh. The things people search for on the world wide web. I'm a little disturbed here. In case you're interested, here's the post that led that person to my blog.

This linking to my site necessitates that I make the following statements on behalf of my blog:

1. Beit Carr does not know if Pat and Vanna ever did have an affair.
2. Beit Carr is strongly against any extramarital sexual activity so it is disappointed if Pat and Vanna actually did have an affair.
3. Beit Carr finds it highly unlikely that Vanna would stoop so low as to have such a relationship with Pat.
4. Beit Carr is still wondering what was up with another Pat Sajak talk show.
3. Beit Carr doesn't even like Wheel of Fortune, so we will do our best not to mention Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Wheel of Fortune, or Bankruptcy in any future posts.
4. Beit Carr also will also refrain from buying any vowels in the near future.
5. Beit Carr thinks Steve is indeed a geek because he is referring to his blog as if it is an actual person or corporation [although it could be sold for a little over $500].

Thank you.